I love summer, do you?

I love summer, do you?
           Though summer brings lots of irritation to us. But, still we love it. Because there is no season that, lets our body out in the beach or tans our skin. Though the sticky heat of the summer makes our body sticky and sweaty, but still we love summer! As every teen, I too was enjoying my summer...
            I’ll let you know my experiences on this summer.
My dad bought me a book of chicken soup for the soul, it was the second time that I was reading a book from these series.And then I enjoyed a lot with my brother.We used to fight everyday for every little things. And so my mother and father got irritated everyday because of us. Me and my family went to Siliguri and enjoyed a lot.We went to KFC and there we hogged into chicken pieces.This time even my brother is going to join my school.And so he is a bit over excited.I passed out my 10th this year and my brother is in 6th class. We both have lots of fun together. I feel lucky to have Supratik as my younger brother, he is really good and caretaking. He loves to enjoy. And we both love to live the present moment. And so summer is the best time to do so.
OK!! Bye Bye it’s time for me to return to my school, so thank you for visiting my blog.You too enjoy your summer holidays.

-Sushantika Subbiah